What We Can Do For YOU?

In addition to working with a team of talented and trusted professionals around the globe, we have created strategic partnerships with professionals who are renowned for their areas of specialization. You need some help right NOW? Let’s get down to business!

Create More Visibilty With Only 3 Steps

Let us tailor together a promotional or marketing or social media campaign especially for your needs and within your price range that's fitting to your product

Step 1

Describe your current release, upcoming tour, your next focus or even your problem

Most of the time a band or brand has enough passion and an amazing product but you need a nudge when it comes to your sales or your marketing.

We can usually pinpoint critical areas by listening to your story and helping you to think through a new strategy with realistic, actionable insights and results for a tune-up.

Step 2

Get honest feedback and our professional help and advice

Because it doesn’t make sense for us to make you feel good about a maybe existing but rather lousy business plan where we see no groundwork in yet. Better call for a reality check to take your career, products or touring to the next level and put it on a solid plan with a fitting strategy for your needs.

Or if you simply don’t know how to start at all? We can point you to existing resources that will help you and shorten the exhausting process of your own learning curve.


Step 3

Increase your visibility and drive your sales

By strategic ideas for your ongoing business and needs according to your band and brand. You can even start by generating your low-cost ideas quickly and then always raise the budgets. Let’s talk this through together for your starter kit.

And, if you’ve already launched some media and social media efforts or have a product launch ready or an event on schedule and want to take your own things now right to the moon, then fill out the CONTACT form to schedule your first consultation appointment. Let’s get to work!

Get in touch with us and lets get to work!